A Real “War on Christmas”

Bill O’Reilly says the “War on Christmas”  is “all part of the secular progressive agenda … like legalization of narcotics, euthanasia, abortion at will, gay marriage.” (From Media Matters for America)

No, Bill, that’s a fake “war,” only waged within your imagination, and the imaginings of others of your curdled ilk. It has no more existence than the dotted lines connecting the Constellations.

Here’s what a real “War on Christmas” looks like.

Their cathedrals stand silent and their neighbourhoods are rapidly emptying. Now Iraq‘s Christians face two further unthinkable realities: that Christmas this year is all but cancelled, and that few among them will stay around to celebrate future holy days.

It has been the worst of years for the country’s Christians, with thousands fleeing in the past month and more leaving the country during 2010 than at any time since the invasion nearly eight years ago. Christian leaders say there have been few more defining years in their 2,000-year history in central Arabia.

Christian exodus from Iraq gathers pace | World news | The Guardian


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