Tour du Jour, 24 Dec 10

Ngram du Jour: free love, cohabitation, hooked up

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Today in History:

1893: Henry Ford completes his first useful one-cylinder gas motor, which he tested in the kitchen with his wife.

1906: “Reginald A. Fessenden gave what is generally considered to be the first broadcast of entertainment by radio.” December 24 – Today in Science History

1923: Calvin Coolidge lights the first national Christmas tree.

1948: The first house in the  US to be completed solar heated was occupied in Dover, Massachusettes.

1979: Soviet tanks move into Afghanistan.

Happy Birthday to:

1809: Kit Carson

1818: James Prescott Joule, the English physicist who laid the foundations of the laws of conservation, by demonstrating that the various forms of energy could all be converted to one another.

1905: Howard Hughes.


This Day in History — — What Happened Today in History

December 24 – Today in Science History

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