Chimps Have Barbies

Ok, so they’re not plastic, don’t have outsize breasts, and not too many wardrobe choices, but they work just the same:

Young female chimps carry sticks as a form of “play-mothering,” much in the same way girls cradle their dolls, scientists said Monday.

The findings, published online in the journal Current Biology, imply that gender roles might be more biologically rooted than some people think, the authors said — and that might hold for human beings, too.

Young female chimps use sticks for ‘play-mothering’ –

Looks like they could use a Ken or two.

In one instance, an eight-year-old male with a stick stepped out of his mother’s nest, built a smaller nest and laid his stick in it.

Young Female Chimpanzees Play Out Motherly Role –

Or maybe, since we now know that chimps engage in tribal raids and local warfare, we could interest them in G.I. Joe.


This story was also here:

Wild chimps make their own ‘dolls’ – life – 20 December 2010 – New Scientist

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