Amino Acids Fall from the Sky

NASA has found amino acids in a previously unsuspected place: inside a meteorite which was blasted from an asteroid.

The meteorite crashed into the Sudanese desert, but came from Asteroid 2008 TC3. It contains minerals that strongly suggest it was formed in a violent collision between two asteroids, which probably raised the temperature of the rock to way over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for a long period, erasing any life-like chemistry that the asteroids may have had beforehand. But when the meteorite samples were analyzed 19 different amino acids were found in its make-up, in tiny amounts, and the possibility that they are Earthly contaminants has been ruled out.

This means that there may be a new, alternative, method for making amino acids in space.

NASA Finds Amino Acids on Impossible Meteorite, Improves Chances E.T. Exists | Fast Company

Ok, so how come I first read about this on a site devoted to design?

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  1. Robert Adler says:

    We had a customer,his name was Tom Downs. He ha a T-Shirt that read, “Velikovski Was Right”

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