Michelle Bachmann’s War on Negative Numbers

Pop Quiz!

Which of these did Michelle Bachmann actually say?

a)  “I don’t think letting people keep their own money should be considered a deficit.”

b) “When people keep their own money, that’s considered a deficit to government, but it’s not a deficit to your pocket or mine, so I think it’s important that people can keep their money.”

c) “I think it’s important that people stay warm. It’s their body and their temperature. So the government should move the freezing point to way below zero.”

d) “Goes to eleven? Wouldn’t that work? … Why are you snickering?”

e) “What is this second law anyway? Who passed that? Things don’t just break down by themselves. I think states should be allowed to opt out of this one by a 2/3 vote.”

f) “Wait. Three is bigger than two. So that can’t be right. Let me check with Sarah and get back to you on that one.”

Tricky question, hug? According to TPM, it’s a and b.

Bachmann: I Don’t Think Tax Cuts Should Be Defined As Part Of A Deficit (VIDEO) | TPMDC

Got those bacteria ready yet? (See How to Program Logic Circuits into Bacteria | Notes from The Pondonome)

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