Maybe They Just Don’t Need Us Anymore

Ted Frier, over at They gave us a republic…, riffs on an essay from last July by Michael Lind. The subject: maybe the rich just don’t need us any more.

“Many of the highest-paid individuals on Wall Street have grown rich through activities that have little or no connection with the American economy,” writes Lind. “They can flourish even if the US declines, as long as they can tap into growth in other regions of the world.” …

If the rich do not depend for their wealth – or even their security- on American workers, consumers and soldiers “then it is hardly surprising that so many of them should be so hostile to paying taxes to support the infrastructure and the social programs that help the majority of the American people. The rich don’t need the rest anymore.”

Which would explain the open contempt of the Republican party, which

has abandoned all pretense that it governs on behalf of those other than the upper class. …

You can tell that America’s New Oligarchy and their Republican house servants are waging class war against the rest of America today because they squeal “class warfare!!!” whenever their shenanigans are found out and exposed.

They gave us a republic…:: Maybe the rich just don’t need us anymore

The article makes many more telling points, one of which is that many Republicans in Congress today are simply punching a ticket on their way to far more lucrative careers “as lobbyist or corporate hack.”

Go read the whole thing. If only to get you steaming good and proper.


A tip of the fedora to Steve Benin at The Washington Monthly

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