Wikileaks, A New Twist: FakiLeaks!

Foreign Policy says that

A front-page story in Pakistan’s The News today reports that new WikiLeaks cables have confirmed what reads like a laundry list of Pakistani suspicions and grievances against India:

Except that:

The only problem is that none of these cables appear to be real.

If these floodgates open, now governments are going to have spend quite a bit of time denying fakileaks.

This, in my opinion, is an argument for just releasing the full archive now rather than trickling them out at the newspapers’ pace. It will be a lot easier to fact check false claims if we no longer have to rely on the Guardian as WikiLeaks’ gatekeeper.

Pakistani media publishes fake WikiLeaks scoops | FP Passport

Wouldn’t it be delicious if various aggrieved governments were now forced to argue for the full release of the Wikileaks documents?

They won’t, of course.

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