Cyberskirmish Escalates Again

From CNN this morning:

The corporate websites of Visa and MasterCard were inaccessible at times Wednesday due to an apparent cyberattack by purported Wikileaks backers.

MasterCard, Visa targeted in apparent cyberattack – Dec. 8, 2010

Just hours after MasterCard’s website was disabled by WikiLeaks supporters, was taken down as well. …

MasterCard and Visa are among many sites that have been targeted–and taken down–by “hacktivists.” Websites belonging to Swiss bank PostFinance, Senator Joe Lieberman, PayPal, and Sarah Palin have also been disabled.

Visa DOWN: WikiLeaks Supporters Take Down Site As ‘Payback’

Hackers group Anonymous, which has been working diligently in support of WikiLeaks, claims to have acquired information for numerous MasterCard credit cards following its attack on MasterCard’s website.

“To people of the industrial world, dismiss your #Mastercard now!!!” the group’s Twitter account posted, with a link to alleged leaked credit card numbers, before the account was shut down by Twitter.

A seemingly related campaign called Operation Bank-Troll is quickly gaining momentum on the Web. An image is being circulated encouraging folks to spread the message “MasterCard deemed unsafe” and that private account details have been breached from MasterCard.

MasterCard Deemed Unsafe? ‘Anonymous’ WikiLeaks Supporters Claim Privacy Breach

There is now a Wikileaks tag to track previous posts on this ongoing cyberskirmish.

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