Hey Santa! One of These, Please

David Pogue is always worth reading. Today he sez:

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook Color ($250) is the first big-name e-book reader with a color touch screen. It has confusing aspects, but it’s light-years better than last year’s slow, kludgy black-and-white Nook.

The take-away:

In short, the Nook Color doesn’t have anything close to the refinement and consistency of, say, an iPad or even a Kindle. At the same time, the Nook Color feels more modern and powerful than the Kindle. It also feels more like a computer than the Kindle, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Yes, five years from now, we’ll laugh at this reader, too — but not derisively. As we unwrap our all-color, all-touch screen e-book readers under the 2015 tree, we’ll remember this machine as the one that showed the way.

Nook Color Points Way to E-Book’s Future – NYTimes.com


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