The UN in a Time of Cholera

The Associated Press reports that French epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux has concluded that

there was no doubt that the cholera originated in contaminated water next to a U.N. base outside the town of Mirebalais along a tributary to Haiti’s Artibonite river.

“No other hypothesis could be found to explain the outbreak of a cholera epidemic in this village … not affected by the earthquake earlier this year and located dozens of kilometers from the coast and (quake refugee tent) camps,” he wrote in a report that has not yet been publicly released.

The Associated Press: Haiti cholera likely from UN troops, expert says

The UN still denies it, saying that Piarroux’s report is just one of many, and that there is no conclusive evidence. It will be good to see this report released and critically appraised.

Poor Haiti. What a sad and beleaguered country.

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